Monday, 24.11.2014

Crystal Blue

Video mapping projection on the famous Fryderyk Chopin house in Warsaw. The video shows elements related to the laser cleaning program sponsored by Samsung in Poland.

Click here to see the video.
Monday, 24.11.2014

World Cup Sphere

A giant sphere with a diameter of 2 meters. It includes a screen that made it possible to watch the matches during the World Cup 2014. In the time when there were no matches, a promotional video played.
Thursday, 22.08.2013

Holocube 40 - redesign

More symmetrical design, better image quality and more efficient production are the characteristics of the new HC40. We have implemented new technology and some clever tricks used to tighten the synthetic mirror.
Tuesday, 30.04.2013


3D animation of a diamond for use in a holographic display.

Location: Diamond Area Antwerp 

Window display: Tailormate
Sunday, 14.04.2013

Interact with the Croods

Video clip for Clear Channel Belgium's social media. It shows the operation of an interactive bus shelter. Taking pictures, forwarding photos to Facebook and the digital network in the train station. 

link to the video
Monday, 25.03.2013

Opening night goes with a big bang: a spectacular video mapping

Aloft Abu Dhabi project mentioned on the Barco website.
Sunday, 24.03.2013


Video mapping on the façade of the Aloft hotel in Abu Dhabi. We were once again asked by Starwood to take care of the 3D animation, special effects and showcontrol at the location.

Sounds created by Défini-Son.
Hardware assistance by Beam-inc.
Friday, 16.11.2012

Holocube 19

The new HC19 is another evolution in 3D holographic displays. We redesigned the original concept and implemented new technologies. The result is an elegant looking product that generates bright floating images.
Thursday, 15.11.2012


3D animation explains the working of a sophisticated plunger filling system.
Friday, 26.10.2012

Windows 8

Our recently designed multi-touchscreen is used for the launch of Windows 8 in Belgium.

From today it will stay for 3 months at Antwerp central and Brussels South railway station.

See video by Clear Channel
Thursday, 25.10.2012


Design and development of a 70 inch multi-touch screen for public spaces.

The unconventional overhanging structure stands on its own, without anchoring into the floor.
Wednesday, 12.09.2012

Sound Shower

Design of a directional speaker for public spaces. The audio is focused and only perceptible under the shower, without disturbing the surroundings.
Thursday, 14.06.2012


Redesign of a video booth for use on 60 festivals. 
The new product is lighter, easier to transport and got a maintenance hatch for fast acces to the inside computer.

Coca-Cola Move To The Beat
Wednesday, 23.05.2012

Video Booth

Product Development of an interactive video booth for built-in applications.
Saturday, 14.04.2012

Veldeman Bedding

3-D product visualization of a series of mattresses. The animation shows the inside compostion of four different types and their interaction with the human body. Content will be shown on a digital signage network and french TV.
Saturday, 14.01.2012

Pioneer India

3-D animation created for the New Delhi Car Expo. Speakers, woofers and amplifiers come to life and play simultaneously with the soundtrack.
Tuesday, 15.11.2011

Qatar Airways

3-D logo animation for a middle east airline company. Exhaust contrails of the airplane circle around the globe and merge into the QA logo.
Friday, 07.10.2011


Interview about the Nokia job for Clear Channel.

Click here to see the video.
Sunday, 02.10.2011

Atlas Copco

3-D product visualization of a complex technical product. The animation follows the exact assembly process of a compressor, it's rotors and over 75 other parts. 
Friday, 22.07.2011

Davidoff Energy

Realistic looking Perfume bottles float and spray.

Friday, 24.06.2011

Sprinter Break

Video clip of a street marketing campaign for Mercedes-Benz.
Thursday, 14.04.2011


Video animation of De Walt power tools. 

Click here to see the video
Monday, 28.02.2011

Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is an interactive ticket printer with a reminder to classic ATMs. This product can be used on exhibitions or events.

Thursday, 09.12.2010

Holocube 40

Again a new design in the Holocube series. The elegant housing contains a huge 40 inch high brightness screen.
The cooling opening at the top creates a lighter feeling and emphasizes the horizontal character. 

Sunday, 28.11.2010

E.ON Kraftwerk

Christmas theme animation for one of the largest outdoor projections ever made. 
Height: 90m 
Projection surface: 3500m²
Location: Cooling tower Dattln, Germany

Sunday, 24.10.2010

Westin Berlin

A mixture of 3D and 2D animated elements from nature showcases the Westin-feeling of relaxation and regeneration. A standing in front of the building Linden tree was integrated into the installation as well as the windows and architectural elements of the hotel. The video was awarded with the first prize in the Hotel competition at the Berlin Festival of Lights 2010.

Wednesday, 20.10.2010


Design of a coffee table with slidable glass pieces. The optical qualities of the mirror allow to see light from inside. 

Showcased on the design biennale in Kortrijk 2010. 

Thursday, 23.09.2010

A Loft

Video mapping at the opening of the first Aloft hotel in Europe. Located in the heart of the buzzing European Union district. The video shows a graphic expression of the brand: urban-inspired, modern design.

Click here to see the video.

Sunday, 08.08.2010

Federal Mogul

3D animation of engine parts.
Wednesday, 10.02.2010


Design and development of a multi-touch screen with octagonal shape. 
Monday, 04.01.2010


Design and development of a 3-D video system. 

Thursday, 10.09.2009

HTT Holocube

Elegant display designed and developed for Samsung in Germany. The column houses four compartments to create a total product experience: 3-D hologram, real product, wayfinder and brochure holder. 

Saturday, 01.08.2009


Design and development of a new concept for Holocube. Open structure, floating glass and a rotating head are the main design drivers. 

Tuesday, 01.01.2008


3D visualization system with elegant rounded corners. The product was a pioneer in it's market segment when it was launched in 2008.  

Thursday, 01.01.1970


3D animation for a Belgian beer brand.

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